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Company Profile :

INTRON DEVICES is an entirely India owned company, registered in the state of Tamilnadu. The company was established on 2003. intron Devices is an R&D firm involved in the design and development of electronic products for industrial and commercial applications. The main field of intron Devices is development of new innovative electronic products and transferring the technology and support to manufacturers.

Intron Devices is involved in  Research & Development in electronics both hardware and software. Our design areas include Power Electronics, Analog, Digital, Microcontrollers, and DSP based designs. We provide complete solution for hardware construction including magnetic component designs (Ferrite, Torriod, Iron core) and  PCB designning.

The main intension of intron Devices has been to provide cutting edge technologies to manufacturers that can be practically implemented and marketed at a very competitive price. intron Devices to developed new technology products in the field by of Energy Efficienent (AC-DC,DC-DC LED drivers etc.,)

Renewable energy related products (MPPT with Advanced power management systems, PWM high efficiency chargers etc.,) and other sectors of Power Electronics, RF
based communication boards (GSM, zigbee,etc.,) and customised control boards (RO Plant Controllers, Servo controllers etc.,) .

The success of the all range product has enabled the company to undertake research and development into new and improved products associated with alternate energy, culminating in the emphasis on quality, reliability, and efficiency.

As a completely self funded system it demonstrates our dedication and commitment to a sustainable future

"INTRON DEVICES is dedicated to producing quality products for the benefit of our planets future"

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