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RO Plant Controllers :

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The IDRO Industrial RO Controller Panel is used for operation of the RO plants.
The controller has a pre-programmed RO operating logic.
The control panel can take 6 inputs signals,
Low Pressure Switch(LPS), High Pressure Switch (HPS),
Raw Water Level Switch (RWL), Permeate Tank Level Switch (TWL),
2 Auxiliary Inputs(Used for interlocking with the automatic pretreatment Multi Port Valves).
The controller also provides for a Conductivity input.
The Control panel gives 4control outputs,
Raw water Pump(RWP) on/off, High Pressure Pump (HPP)on/off,
Flushing Valve Solenoid open/close(230VAC), Dosing Pump on/off (230VAC).
Auto MPV power connection is available for Auto mode. Pump Time / Alarm selectable potential free contact is available. Manual Backwash Alert Indication
(selectable for Manual Pretreatment) as an alert message is given.
with motor protection such as Over Voltage , Under Voltage, Over Load,
Dry Running and Single Phasing / Phase Reversal with settable parameters.